*Total (including pledges) is contingent on local fundraising and federal grant funding.*


Based upon current estimates, the cost to replace all four fields is $4 million. Through dollar for dollar matching donations, we have the opportunity to raise $6 million to replace the turf and provide new amenities and upgrades as we undergo necessary maintenance to the park, as well as a brand change.

Send $ Amount to: 916-823-TURF (8873)

Makes checks payable to 'California Soccer Park'
9800 Old Oregon Trail, Redding, CA 96003

ONLINE: Click HERE or visit

With thousands of people at the park every weekend during season, these fields are dominated by hundreds of eager competitors. The park is enjoyed by 125,000 people annually, but when visited by out-of-town teams, we get asked, “What is all that black stuff?” The answer is rubber.

Our ‘black stuff ’ is heavily visible due to a failure in our turf “grass blades” which began to deteriorate only a few years after opening. Rubber is a common and inexpensive “infill” used in synthetic turf.

We are happy to say that our future is much brighter!

We plan to replace the turf and include an organic, light-colored product like a cork/sand combo or coconut fibers. These and other infill options are much cooler, odorless, shock absorbent, and recyclable.

This organic infill will increase our usage in the hot months, lessen the risk of abrasions, stay where it belongs, and reduce the odor compared to rubber.

The combination of new turf and a new brand will attract sponsors, advertisers, teams and spectators from all over the world, providing a positive economic impact for the community.





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