Youth Summer Camp
Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate is a highly athletic, non-contact, running team sport that combines aspects of soccer, basketball, and football. It is played 7-on-7, on a soccer sized field. Young athletes that enjoy running and team sports will enjoy learning the rules of the game, strategies, and throwing/catching skills.
Ultimate is self refereed by players who respect the spirit of the game of honesty and fair competition. Integrity and character development will be taught and modeled. Time will be divided equally by instructional drills and live play.

Instructor, Don O'Connell, is a previous captain and five year collegiate Ultimate player for San Francisco State University, competing against Stanford, Cal, UC Santa Cruz and many more universities. There are over 700 college ultimate teams in North America and over 5 million players in the U.S.A.
Mr. O'Connell has experience in league play in San Francisco and Berkeley, as well as our local Redding Red Hots open travel team. He has taught ultimate at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill and has been the baseball coach at North Cow Creek School for three years. He has coached eight seasons of baseball and/or soccer in Foothill Area Little League and Palo Cedro Youth Soccer. He is the father of five ages 8-18. As a volunteer instructor, all proceeds will benefit the Redding Soccer Park and the Redding Ultimate Association.

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