Advertise at the California Soccer Park

We offer a variety of options for those looking to partner with the California Soccer Park, and have their name and logo shown within the park. Between games, practices, tournaments and special events, thousands of eyes are pouring through our gates for weeks on end, providing a great reward for partnering with us, and supporting the soccer community in our area.

Fence Banners


3’x9’   |   $800/Year

Concrete Walkway Signs

3’x3’ |   $450/Year
3’x6’ |   $850/Year
3’x9’  | $1300/Year

Boulevard Signs for Light  Poles

30”x 48” Inside park |  $450/Year
30” x 48” Parking lot/entry |  $650/Year
30” x 60’’ Inside park |  $500/Year
30” x 60” Parking lot/entry |  $700/Year
30” x 72’’ Inside park |  $550/Year
30” x 72” Parking lot/entry |  $700/Year

For custom packages to fit your needs and budget, or for more information, contact:

Chad New
Executive Director

Phone: 530-338-4889